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Post Construction & Renovation Cleaning Toronto

Before and after construction cleaning

Why Do You Need After Renovation Cleaning?

After all the hustle and bustle of a home renovation or construction project, there's one important task you shouldn't forget – post-renovation cleaning. It may seem like an extra cost, but it's vital, and here's why:

Dust and Debris Everywhere

Renovation work creates lots of dust and mess. It spreads on your floors, walls, ceilings, and even inside your cabinets and appliances. Post-renovation cleaning is a must to get rid of all this mess.

Aesthetic Appeal

You've put time and money into giving your home a fresh look. Post-renovation cleaning is the final touch that makes your space look new. It's the difference between a beautiful, welcoming space and one that still shows signs of construction.

Health and Safety

Construction dust can contain harmful particles. Cleaning it up ensures you're not breathing in harmful stuff and maintains a safer indoor environment.

Post-renovation cleaning is not just about looks; it's about your health, safety, and the long-term functionality of your newly renovated space. It's the last step that truly finishes the transformation, making your home ready for you to enjoy the results of your hard work and investment.

Six Stars Cleanness Provides Post Renovation & Construction Cleaning Services in Toronto

Post-construction cleaning is about more than just dust. It's like giving your new or renovated space the finishing touches it needs to be safe, clean, and ready to live in. Imagine it like making sure a book is perfect before you read it. It's the last, but very important, step.

At Six Stars Cleanness, our professional post-renovation cleaning services in Toronto do a detailed and thorough job. We clean your new or fixed-up space in multiple stages, making sure it's in top shape. We can also work with your builders to clean near the end of the construction, taking care of any unfinished work and making your space look great. In simple words, professional construction cleanup is what makes your space feel like home.

What Includes in After Construction Cleanup in Toronto

Wondering what's part of our house cleaning service after construction? Here's a breakdown:

Removing Dust and Dirt

We'll get rid of all that construction mess, including dust, dirt, and scuffs from every surface.

Vacuuming and Dusting

We'll clean woodwork, fixtures, and appliances. Your home will look fresh and tidy.

Detail Cleaning

This includes cleaning trim, baseboards, frames, and door jambs. No spot will be overlooked.

Masonry Cleaning

We'll make sure tiles and brickwork look their best.

Sticker and Label Removal

Any stickers or labels from installations will be gone.

Overall Cleaning After Construction

We ensure your entire house is clean and ready to use.

For some projects, we'll also clean the exterior. We break this down into phases:

Rough Clean

This starts during or right after construction. It involves cleaning surfaces like plywood and concrete, ensuring the new flooring goes in perfectly. We also clear out debris and remove stickers.

Light Cleaning

This is the most thorough phase. We focus on rooms like bathrooms and kitchens, cleaning everything from toilets to cabinets.

Final Touch

The last phase is all about touch-ups. We'll get rid of any dust or dirt that's settled since the second phase and clear away any smudges or marks.

Final Touch

If your project included exterior work, we'll also clean up outside. This may include picking up debris, checking caulk and paint, and wiping down exterior windows. Sometimes this is part of the light clean phase.

Other Cleaning Services We Provide in Toronto

In addition to our post construction and after renovation cleaning service, we offer a wide range of comprehensive solutions to meet all your cleaning needs. Our offerings include home cleaning, office cleaning, Toronto housekeeping, move-in/move-out cleaning, carpet cleaning and professional window cleaning.

Contact Us

Ready for a clean home in Toronto after construction or renovation? Contact Six Stars Cleanness at +1 647-547-6427 or email us at to schedule your service. We'll make your space shine!

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