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Why is your bill more than expected?

Even though it doesn't happen often to us, on a few occasions people questioned us" why I was charged this much" or "why did you guys take so long?" I'm pretty sure this kind of questions is the one, no business "loves" to deal with due to confusion it creates for both parties.

This way we would like to make it more clear for our existing and future clients, so they know we are always trying to do the best we can and deliver the highest quality of cleanliness possible.

Every house, apartment, condominium or office is different by size but also how often is cleaned and how well it is maintained.

It's those little things which can help us satisfy you fully. All we need to know are the basic information regarding your budget, time you want us to spend with cleaning, whether you have your own cleaning supplies or expect us to provide these. Sometimes it can be very helpful to have a little to do list, that way we know if your budget is limited, what is the most important for you and so we can focus on that specifically.

Let's give you one example:

New client is asking for a first time general cleaning, never cleaned nor had it professionally cleaned before, 2 bedroom apartment, 1 bathroom, fridge & freezer, oven and cabinets in the kitchen to be cleaned inside out.

Question: "How much estimated will I pay and how long is it going to take you?" (over the phone)

Since we haven't seen your apartment, we only go from the information you give us.

Also wanted to mention the difference between estimated and final price are not the same. Price can change especially once we begin cleaning and spot things which need some extra attention. However we are always trying to meet our estimated price. I truly believe that's where the confusion is coming from as some clients have their own expectations time wise and also going with the estimated price and time we gave them over the phone without seeing. The other thing which needs to be mentioned is that if you are calling for general cleaning but also want oven, fridge and cabinets done, it's actually deep cleaning, therefore subjected to extra charge for each of these units to be cleaned.

Back to our estimated price and time :

1. One cleaner $30/h

2. General cleaning 3 hours *for instance 1h bathroom, 1h kitchen, 1h vacuuming, mopping & dusting

3. Fridge $35 flat fee between 20-45 mins ,

4. Oven $45 flat fee 30-45 mins

5. Kitchen cabinets $25 minimum flat fee 45-75mins (depends on number & size)


Estimated time & cost for general cleaning and all above mentioned units: 3hours= $90 3units= $105




We truly hope our example can help you with better understanding when it comes to timing and cost for all your future cleanings. Happy weekend everyone!

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