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First time/initial cleaning

Are you thinking about your first time cleaning? But don't know what to expect, how much your budget should be and how to get ready for it? I'm sure you have many more questions than just these and that' why we decided to put down the most frequently asked ones including what to mention when you are either calling or e-mailing us or any cleaning company and requesting cleaning services. So let's start with the most obvious one.


How much will the cleaning cost me?

The answer here is very various. Some companies have flat rates which means that's the minimum you need to pay, others have minimum time you can book them for. Roughly, we are talking about

$50-$100 to start with. The cost also depends on what kind of cleaning you are looking to have done. Is it general, spring, deep, move in/out or a household with pets? Prices vary for each one of them. The cheapest option is general cleaning although that's not necessarily the one you need based on your individual requirements. If you're not sure about the difference, please go ahead and check our previous blog about it - "Difference between general and deep cleaning"

Tip: Not sure about what company to go with for your home or office cleaning?

Naturally, you're going to want a trustworthy company with a proven track record. And while online reviews are a solid place to start, if you want a sense of the company's history, this is one industry where word of mouth is still king. "Turn to your friends on social media," Dulude recommends. "Ask them about specific companies or to refer you to their favorite."


Are there any tools or information I need to provide to a house cleaner?

Sure, do you have your cleaning list of priorities or things such ornaments/decorations to watch out for should it be easily damaged when not handled with extra care? It's always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to uncertainty whether or not you should let your cleaner know about specific details or steps to follow, agreed? Definitely something to mention prior to your initial cleaning without any hesitation.

If you prefer to use your own cleaning products due to allergies to certain chemicals, prefer to stay more eco or simply because you have favourite brand you and your family are used to, leave them out so the cleaners can use them.

Tip: Check with the company ahead of time about what they do and don't provide.The company you decide to go with can also bring any other special equipment if is requested ahead of time. Let's say you don't have a vacuum cleaner but you have all the other cleaning supplies and equipment. Tell them so they can be prepared before they turn up at your doorstep.


Should I mention a pet?

Absolutely yes. The main reason is that with pets there is always extra time needed and sometimes also special cleaning products or vacuum cleaner. That means longer time of the cleaning should be expected, so don´t hesitate to tell them to avoid surprises on both sides. Also of even more importance there are cleaners who might have severe allergies, especially to cats and if you don't mention it, your cleaning could be cancelled or rescheduled with some other cleaning person, which could lead to delays as well as extra charges.

Tip: Some companies charge extra money for cleaning homes with pets, so make sure you are being honest about what the company should expect from your side and what you can expect from them.


How often my house/flat should be cleaned?

We recommend to our clients once a week and some appliances such as fridge, microwave, inside oven once a month. The main reason is that your space will be clean and disinfected so you will protect yourself from unwanted viruses. Some studies shown that our homes are harboring more bacteria than a public trash can.

Tip: Ask your cleaning company if there is any special deals for loyal customers who decide to use their services on a regular basis.

Well, we hope we've covered all important questions you might have ever wondered about, and if not please don't hesitate to let us know what other concerns you have when it comes to your home and office cleaning.

We wish you a beautiful rest of your day and as always don't forget to use your precious time doing something you love!

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