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Regular or individual cleaning VS contract based cleaning services

If you own, run or manage an office, then you’re responsible for the upkeep, maintenance, and cleanliness of the office space and you know how much of a headache this can be.

In Toronto City, when a company rents out office space in a larger office building, very rarely does the building or landlord provide cleaning services for their tenants’ individual office spaces.

So, one of the biggie questions is whether to hire a contract based cleaning service or an individual cleaning session whom you may know very little or nothing at all.

There are many advantages in favor of the contract based service over the individual cleaning service, and here are a few

  • Business license: Contract-based cleaning services must register with the town, city or county which this lends credibility and stability.

  • Insured and bonded: Cleaning services must carry bond for their employees and liability insurance in the case of damage and unforeseen mistakes.

  • Services checklist: Contract-based cleaning services must present themselves professionally with a comprehensive and knowledgeable approach to cleaning tasks.

  • Products and equipment: Contract-based cleaning services tend to purchase excellent supplies and equipment which can be expensed and/or depreciated, and they bring all they need without using yours.

  • Website: There’s an adage that a business without a website is not really serious about being a business. Few individuals host or pay to have a website designed and hosted.

  • Accountability: The staff in contract-based cleaning service is accountable to management and/or the owners, as well as the clients.

  • Worker’s Compensation: Covered by a contract-based cleaning service

  • Rates: Fair and competitive to attract and retain good customers.

  • Wages: Fair and competitive to attract and retain good employees.

  • Commitment: With a business reputation at stake, everyone strives for excellence all the time.


A clean and well organized office and reception space will create the kind of environment that will encourage clients to come back to you again in the future, whilst also making employees feel comfortable about coming to work every day. We are proud to call ourselves the cleaning experts. Our over the top white glove service, residential, rental and office cleaning services are guaranteed to provide you with a safe, spotless home or office. Toronto residents are busy people and we know that providing affordable, efficient, and reliable local cleaning services is important to the success of businesses and property managers alike.


6scleanness offers great cleaning services that will save your business both time and money in the long term, and will create a professional commercial office appearance that is impressionable to clients and a pleasant environment for everyone.

Don't hesitate if you are interested in our services and contact us any time.

Meanwhile we wish everyone a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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