• Romy

Life after Covid-19 pandemic

Updated: May 1, 2020

Did you think about life after this pandemic yet? We did, and even though we are trying to focus mainly on the positive and brighter future ahead of us, we know that at the same time we need to be honest about those less positive side effects, which will inevitably come to our lives when all these restrictions, fears and uncertainty is over. For instance, we put a couple of the most expecting differences we all should realistically anticipate.

The one thing, which will be much more heightened is awareness of a good hygiene in our society and communities even after the novel corona virus passes. Regular and proper hand washing will maybe stay with us forever, as it should, because we will remember that it helps prevent the spread of colds, flu, food poisoning and now also Covid-19 included. You all probably know that The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation along many others, committed to a vaccine development by donating more than $250 million to help fighting this vicious virus, so we could all go back to our "normal" lives we lived before corona virus outbreak.