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Life after Covid-19 pandemic

Updated: May 1, 2020

Did you think about life after this pandemic yet? We did, and even though we are trying to focus mainly on the positive and brighter future ahead of us, we know that at the same time we need to be honest about those less positive side effects, which will inevitably come to our lives when all these restrictions, fears and uncertainty is over. For instance, we put a couple of the most expecting differences we all should realistically anticipate.

The one thing, which will be much more heightened is awareness of a good hygiene in our society and communities even after the novel corona virus passes. Regular and proper hand washing will maybe stay with us forever, as it should, because we will remember that it helps prevent the spread of colds, flu, food poisoning and now also Covid-19 included. You all probably know that The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation along many others, committed to a vaccine development by donating more than $250 million to help fighting this vicious virus, so we could all go back to our "normal" lives we lived before corona virus outbreak.

Wash your hands frequently!

Another thing will be a cough, which will no longer be just a cough anymore. If it persists, we’ll now most likely have it checked rather than wait for it to get worse. It won't be okay to cough and sneeze willy-nilly with all this awareness and memories of having to wear face masks to stop the virus from spreading. You will much more likely cover your mouth and nose, use tissue, dispose of this tissue, wash your hands thoroughly or use alcohol gel hand sanitizer when bathroom isn't exactly close by. This will probably become our new habit forever stuck in our mind, and if someone near you coughs, it may very well be a scary experience for us, because what if the virus is back or still out there?

What we shall also remember is, that nothing lasts forever and we'll come out of this stronger and wiser together!


>>>Home Cleaning<<<

Our homes will definitely be more often cleaned than before, just to make sure that our space is disinfected and safe to be in at all times.

As for the workplace, with all the social distancing and lock downs forcing people to work remotely (currently, it is end of week six since the lock down was ordered), things there could change as well. Technology might rise to this occasion making it even easier for people to work out-of-office and then employers would notice a couple of things.

Things like, if large companies or any size businesses let employees who can, and prefer to work from home and there’s no drop in output, they’ll save on office space and the electricity and internet bills will plummet. Once that’s noticed by business, working remotely may very well become the new reality, so the positive side of this is finally being more home, less time wasted commuting and enjoying our views from apartments, gardens, patio and always being there for our family when needed. At the end of our blog, we would love to share with you what we are grateful for in this difficult times and hoping that you are too.

This pandemic has also forced us all to slow down, allowing us space from the hustle and bustle to breath, pause and reflect.

Maybe after, we’ll remember the importance of slowing down from time to time and we all start appreciating little things in our lives, instead of constantly chasing less important, ending up overwhelmed or stressed out.


If we look little bit more at the positive side of this pandemic, we think that we will find at

Eat healthy & sleep well!

least one good thing such as development of a new healthy habit while having all this extra time, like having time to meditate, new skills such cooking our favorite dish or finally having time to re-connect with ourselves, call our friends and family. There must be something what we can all find to have positive impact on our lives for sure, what is it for you?

Our major appreciation goes to the internet and all its infinite resources. Being able to expand our skills and knowledge during this social distancing and staying in touch with our family and friends, talking to our closest ones in these difficult times definitely helped us remain more peaceful. Making sure and knowing that people who we love are safe and healthy is priceless. We should always keep in mind from now on, the importance of contacting our friends and family on regular basis not only in times of crisis and uncertainty like now. Our family day, has always been every Sunday, at least for the last few years. How about you, do you also have yours set day or times of the week?

It's hard to predict what else or how else our lives will change, but we believe if we keep positive minds and attitude, we we can live our happy lives again!

Please let us know if you have any questions or feedback and if you feel this article could help someone you know, please share it with them...


We wish you all the best, healthy and positive lives full of joy & happiness!

Love, Romy and Peter =)

Be happy and feel good!

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