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How to Stay Positive While Stuck at Home during Covid-19?

Some days, it’s hard to be motivated – even during ‘normal’ times. We all have days that we feel productive and ready to go and other days, when it's only Tuesday and you are dragging to get through the rest of the week. As we shelter in one place to stop the spread of COVID-19, many of us are home and in situations where it may be tough to get through the day and yet staying positive and entertained. You may be living with a spouse who recently lost his/her job, or you may need to work remotely but also take care of a couple of very young children. On the other hand, you may be older, alone and in self isolation, due to worries about getting infected. Of course these times are unprecedented, unfortunately there is no exit – and no clear end in sight. For all these or even more major reasons, you might be asking yourself how to keep yourself busy, productive and motivated?

Honestly, we're hearing these kind of discussions and negative predictions with intensity increasing as social distancing restrictions keep getting extended longer and longer to make sure we don't rush anything getting back to normal living. It's been over 2 months, 9th week starting today Monday- May 11th 2020 since the lock down and we think it's important to stay on track and positive more than ever, especially since we don't know how much longer this lock down will last...

Yes, we get it, we are all getting tired and bored of doing less of those fun and free activities even though some of us might be enjoying these times for catching up on sleep, finishing project that kept getting postponed or re-connecting with family and old friends. Nonetheless after a while you might have finished all your projects, called all your friends, did extra cleaning or finally had a good sleep. If all or hopefully at least most of your responsibilities are caught up with, you might be asking yourself what now? Don't worry we are all in the same boat and that's why we've put together a list of suggestions for you, that will help to keep you entertained with overall positive health benefits.

Take a look and let us know what do you do, so we can inspire & motivate each other in these difficult times as much as necessary!



Who says puzzles are just for kids? They come in adult sizes (versions) too and they can be super fun to attempt. Not only do they help to keep you engaged for long periods of time but can help stimulate your brain activity too that can keep you feeling refreshed and healthy. So, opt for a puzzle and have fun with other members of your family or even by yourself!



Bring out those sheet masks and jade rollers and give yourself a much-needed pampering session right at home. Go for the full facial experience and once you're done with that, give yourself a manicure and pedicure. Just because no one's going to see it, doesn't mean you shouldn't put on your favorite nail paint, right?! These little things that often get overlooked in the midst of big city life busyness, could especially these days significantly improve your mood just by looking at it and feeling better with your own self care.



This is the perfect time for you to pick up on activities that you don't usually have the time for - like reading or listening to a book on audible! If you're an avid reader then this is the perfect time for you to finish reading that one book you've been dying to finish. And before you know it, the day will turn to night and you'll wonder where all that time went.

We love using Blinkist, where you can choose whether you want to read or listen depending on what best suits your needs, home or on the go!



Just because you're stuck at home doesn't mean you shouldn't get your daily dose of workout. Staying fit ensures you stay healthy not just physically but mentally too. Exercising can help release endorphins & dopamine, which are feel-good hormones. So, make sure that you opt for some form of workout whether it's yoga, dancing session or simple stretching of all your body parts from head to toe.



We believe in huge positive impact of meditation (you can download free guided meditation from Spotify >>> here). Here are some of many benefits of meditating daily for as little as 10mins: calm and relaxed mind, better sleep, reduced stress, anger and other forms of negativity, improved concentration, efficiency at work, clarity of perception and thoughts, thus improved ability to make decisions & most importantly enhancement in communication skills and positive mindset.


There is so much more we can do at home, thanks to internet, we can find anything and even more so, absolutely LEARN ANYTHING to whatever we commit and set our minds to. Do not let this pandemic paralyze you, so that you feel stuck and bored, instead let's try to find something good in it, shall we?

Wouldn't it be nice after this lock down time, to walk out from our homes with a new skill, such a language you could make a good use of when you travel to your best-loved holiday destination, master your cooking skills by learning how to prepare your favorite dish you always gladly spent money on, being more positive thanks to meditation or gain some extra muscles instead of weight from overeating and lack of physical activity?

We are the only ones who can beat these times and win over by being strong and maintaining positive mindset.

We wish you & your family all the best, staying safe, healthy and strong!

We are sure to see you again very soon on the streets or at your home, positive and happy.

Have a great week everyone!!

Smiles, Romy & Peter :)

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