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Summer Cleaning Checklist For Schools

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As the school year comes to a close and summer approaches, it's time to prepare for a fresh start by giving your school a thorough cleaning. The summer break provides an ideal opportunity to deep clean, declutter, and organize classrooms, hallways, and common areas. To help you streamline the process and ensure a pristine learning environment for the upcoming school year, we have compiled a comprehensive summer cleaning checklist for schools. Let's dive in and make the most of this summer cleaning season.

Classroom Cleaning

  • Remove all items from the classroom, including furniture, shelves, and bulletin boards.

  • Dust and wipe down surfaces, including desks, chairs, bookshelves, and cabinets.

  • Vacuum or sweep and mop the floors.

  • Clean windows, blinds, and curtains for a bright and welcoming atmosphere.

  • Sanitize shared items such as classroom supplies, learning materials, and manipulatives.

  • Inspect and clean technology equipment, including computers, keyboards, and interactive boards.

Hallways and Common Areas

  • Sweep or vacuum hallways and entrance areas to remove dirt and debris.

  • Clean lockers inside and out, removing any stickers or tape residue.

  • Dust and wipe down handrails, walls, and surfaces.

  • Polish and clean floor surfaces, including tile, linoleum, or hardwood.

  • Disinfect drinking fountains and sanitize restroom facilities thoroughly.

  • Inspect and replace light bulbs as needed.

Cafeteria and Break Areas

  • Deep clean and sanitize all tables, chairs, and benches.

  • Clean and sanitize food service areas, including countertops, sinks, and appliances.

  • Empty and clean refrigerator units, ensuring proper food storage and cleanliness.

  • Inspect and clean vending machines, ensuring they are in good working order.

  • Clean floors and remove any spills or stains promptly.

  • Organize and declutter storage areas, disposing of any expired or unused items.

Library and Media Center

  • Dust and wipe down bookshelves, tables, and chairs.

  • Clean computer stations, keyboards, and mice.

  • Vacuum or clean carpets and rugs.

  • Inspect and clean audiovisual equipment, including projectors and screens.

  • Organize books and materials, ensuring proper shelving and labeling.

  • Sanitize headphones, listening stations, and study areas.

Administrative Offices

  • Dust and wipe down desks, cabinets, and filing systems.

  • Clean and sanitize shared office equipment such as printers, copiers, and fax machines.

  • Organize and declutter paperwork, ensuring proper filing and disposal of sensitive documents.

  • Vacuum or sweep and mop office floors.

  • Disinfect commonly touched surfaces such as doorknobs, light switches, and telephones.

  • Clean windows and blinds for a clean and professional appearance.

The Following is the School Cleaning Checklist image, you can download it

Schools Summer Cleaning Checklist

Or alternatively, you can download the following PDF and take a print out of our summer school cleaning checklist

Cleaning checklist
Download PDF • 61KB

By following this comprehensive summer cleaning checklist, you can create a fresh, organized, and inviting learning environment for students, teachers, and staff.

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