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We can fit in your budget, that most suits your home cleaning needs!

Budget can be a tough subject to broach especially at this pandemic time.

We know that now more than ever we all have tighter budgets than before.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on families around the globe for the most of year 2020.

From debilitating illness to record-breaking job losses, many people continue to struggle as the pandemic rages on. If you are having a hard time making ends meet, the first step is to tighten your spending budget of course.

Most of us are used to living a particular lifestyle, but during a financial crisis, curbing your spending is a wise move that can help you keep your head "above water".


And that’s why we decided to create these special offers & cleaning tips, which can help you save money and still get the best cleaning services you deserve.

We know that some of you, our dear past, present and future clients, will be more open than others when it comes to talking about money, some will be more experienced in developing realistic budgets for the kinds of services which our premium home cleaning specializes in.


Here are a few practical tips for you to save money on home cleaning:

  1. USE MILD DISH SOAP or PLAIN WATER- Many areas of your home can be kept clean by using mild dish soap and plain water. Dish soap can be used as a laundry stain remover, a window cleaner, a surface spray, a carpet stain remover, fruit and veggie wash, and to clean most surfaces in your home. We often turn to specialty cleaners for each different surface in our home, but dish soap is a great mild alternative that won't damage most surfaces​ and manages to remove a lot of dirt and grime.

  2. MAINTAIN THE CLEAN DAILY- Doing a little bit of daily maintenance will reduce the need for tougher cleansers to clean your home. Most stains can be removed with water, dish soap, or laundry soap if they are treated quickly. Spills that are wiped up right away rarely need many cleaning products to be cleaned. Make it a point to clean and maintain your home daily, and you'll find much less of a need for specialty cleaners and expensive solutions.

  3. USE A STORE BRAND- We get stuck on the brands we know and trust a lot, but sometimes there's a store brand of the same cleaner that may work just as well for a fraction of the cost. As an example, the store brand of the household eraser was forty percent less expensive than the name brand, and they are virtually identical. Look for store brands and compare ingredients. More and more store brands clean just as well as more expensive name brands.

  4. STORE CLEANING SUPPLIES PROPERLY- Improperly stored cleaning supplies can turn into a mess. Make sure your supplies aren't exposed to extremes in temperature or light. Keeping supplies from spilling and mixing is also a major concern. Cleaning supplies should also be stored away from areas where pets or small children might come into contact with them.

  5. SIMPLIFY YOUR SUPPLIES- There's a cleaner for everything and if you get them all your cleaning cupboard would be overflowing. The truth is that a lot of cleaners can pull double duty. If you really want to save on your household budget, pick all-purpose and multi-purpose cleaners. Save specialty cleaners for really tough jobs, and only if your others don't work well. You may be surprised by how little you really need to keep your home clean and healthy.

  6. CHOOSE REUSABLE CLOTHS AND MOPS- Disposable items are handy, but they can quickly eat up a household budget. To save money, pick items that can be reused. Microfiber cloths are a great choice for cleaning, dusting, and scrubbing. Instead of disposable mopping pads, pick a reusable mop and take care of it. Choosing reusable items can save a lot of money.

  7. MAKE YOUR OWN CLEANERS- There are a lot of ingredients around your home that can be used to make great cleaners at a fraction of the cost. Vinegar is a great all-purpose cleaner. Baking soda is gentle enough to use as a mild abrasive in many areas of your home. Lemons have a natural bleaching ability. Making your own cleaners can be a great way to cut cleaning costs.


Why do we need to know your Budget?

In our small family business, when we are trying to close a deal, we love to ask our clients "what's your budget?" Because knowing prospective of our client’s budget up front is essential to deliver the best services with affordable prices.

Also knowing what kind of budget could we expect to work with, can give us a better idea of what we can do to the best of our ability to meet your needs and at the same time, it helps us determine the timeline we can complete it in most effectively.

Our main goal is to have services and prices which match your expectations.

After a thorough discussion with you, we should have a better sense of what we can provide and what money you have set aside for our cleaning services we offer.

*Please feel free to let us know if you have any questions directly here or alternatively check our most frequently questions answered.


What's our offer?

CHECK THIS OUT >>> We created tailored and custom membership plans & gift card options [our most recent addition] to meet your budget, trying to satisfactory cover any specific home chores according to your individual cleaning needs. Sounds good? Well, we really wish this could make your life that much easier and more fun for things you actually love doing during this festive season, New Year's Eve celebrations and all the way to undoubtedly brighter 2021 for us all! :)


We wish you and your family all the best and very good health for the remainder of 2020 and much more positive and joyful to come in the near future...

Best, Romy!

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