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Discount on Cleaning for client's loyalty

Updated: May 15, 2021

We would like to take the opportunity to begin this article by saying how much we appreciate our existing, past as well as all the future clients. We always strive doing our

best to bring you the most value for your trust & loyalty shown for us, when it comes to your chosen Toronto professional home cleaning services @6scleanness

Discounts & Additional Savings

Did you ever think why people in general love discounts and sales so much? Well, we think it's an easy answer. We all work hard every day and when we finally get hold of those well deserved money, we want to spend it not just wisely but also on things we like and something that brings us joy, agreed? I cannot count how many times I walked in those stores with big signs saying SALE and these are the moments we get so excited to find something superbly cheap. I personally love hunting off-price store aisles in hopes of discovering that unexpected gem.

Unfortunately we cannot typically get discounts on our monthly bills like rent, mortgages, hydro and cell phone plan unless some of the services didn't deliver on its promise. In that case we all know it is hard to prove and the only way to get our money back is to fill all the forms and go through the number of questions, so we can finally try claiming some reimbursement. This is why we created a special incentive for our loyal cleaning customers to bring you some additional savings on our premium home cleaning services.

Loyalty appreciation program

Save up to 50% off your regular home cleaning when you share the love by referring us to your friends & family. Once they book a cleaning with us you get 10% off for each of your referral- up to 5 referrals per client. Whether it's just one time or it becomes cleaning on a regular basis, your discount applies accordingly. You might think 10% is

nothing but if you count every cleaning during the year that could very likely give you one of your cleaning bills fully paid = free cleaning.

To qualify share our website or contact details with your circles and tell them to mention your name when booking with us, it's that simple. If you are not our existing client yet, you earn yourself savings of 20% for each referral towards your own cleaning or cash reward for each of your paying referrals that books with us- similar to affiliate percentage cash reward if you don't need to use our services for yourselves.

Thankful for the referrals from our clients and non-clients too. There is no greater compliment!

You might be asking "why should I hire a professional?"

Saving by hiring professionals

We understand, we are all trying to save wherever we can, especially when we feel we can do certain tasks around home ourselves. From our own experience, we were once trying to fix our apartment ceiling after watching some videos how to plaster and even enrolling in a 2 day 'hands on' course thinking we can do it and save some money. Well, the reality was that we had to call the specialist who laughed at us and asked: "who did this"? Lesson learned as we ended up paying double the price including our own time and effort wasted. Ever since then, we always remember to hire a professional not just to fix something we can't do ourselves, but also when we either don't have time for it or simply don't enjoy doing it. At that moment we know that our precious time which we could spend with our family or having some fun has not been completely wasted, always trying to 'DIY' sacrificing more important moments of our lives. Hope the point we're trying to make here makes sense to you too, even for regular chores such cleaning of your house or apartment, that you can easily and inexpensively delegate.

We believe it ultimately comes to realizing how much we value our own time and comparing it to return on our investment once we are open to hiring other people to do even something that doesn't require a professional such organizing, gardening, pool cleaning etc...


Shout out to our customers! We want you to know we truly appreciate your business, your loyalty and your friendship. Most of all, we appreciate that of all the choices you have, you choose us. Thank you!

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